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Discussion on: Why isn’t mainstream Linux available for mobile?

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Akash Kava Author

Yes, my problem is other countries will suffer innovation due to private terms of large tech organizations. What Linux allowed was innovation for smaller companies without paying TAX to old established companies.

I am more concerned with countries like India, where we don't have any choice but pay huge TAX to foreign tech giants. Somehow tech giant's policies are more powerful then regional laws. Govt does not have enough time to into details.

I was angry when Govt's own apps were treated as privacy policy violations to track locations of Covid patients and same thing can be done by Apple and Google as its their own platforms.

This is the reason I want a phone, where I or a local regional entity is in control.

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Mark Smith

I’m not sure what you mean by tax in this context, but the closed source products do cost money, so maybe that’s what you mean.

I’m not sure I would trust local government apps over large tech companies as far as tracking goes.

At least the big corporations have some sort of incentive to build privacy preserving apps, because it could damage brand reputation. It isn’t great but in some places it’s getting better.

For local governments I don’t think they care that much about their brand, they don’t really have a brand.