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Congratulations, Lynne! Your story is very inspiring and I hope it will serve as an example for many, many people! What worked the best for me as I started to realize that I have a problem with procrastination was a Kanban Board, precisely this one: kanbantool.com/. It made things relatively easy, because it allowed me to list and schedule my tasks and actually focus on fulfilling them. I still use it today and recommend to anyone that has the same problem as me.
Thank you again for your honesty, Lynne, and wish you all the best with your website!


So many people use Kanban boards! I haven't found one method that always works for me –– it really depends on the type of work I'm doing, how much there is, and how excited I am about doing it haha. Will definitely check out kanbantool.com though. Thanks :D

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