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Discussion on: In a Lean context, create a system that can evolve over time is a waste or worth in an early stage?

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Aleix Morgadas Author

Thanks for sharing! :)

I would say you work in a quite complete team, with different roles and people involved, and which each person have their own responsibilities during the development and delivery.

In your scenario, I miss which is the time between you initialize the Git Repository and the first v1.0.0 is released, an average number.

On the other hand, to me it's strange the next point:

as soon as v1 is released we drop everything and start to write integration tests and try to achieve >90% test coverage

If I understood it correctly, you first release (the application is live and with users) and then you start writing test. Once you have both, v1 out and tests, you start adding the monitoring and analytics.

Why not do that during the development? Why not setup the monitoring since the beginning and also add some testing (maybe not a 90% coverage)