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Start at birth and don't stop till you die?

Sorry :P In all sincerity: could you give a little more explanation as to what you're asking?


You have to know that many programmers to the age of 30, 40 to start a business, I was wondering, why not write the code?


So what you're asking is why people eventually stop coding and start doing other jobs like management or being a CEO of their own company?

Not to do management. Another way to say, c + + can write a lifetime? Front-end development feeling is not much possibility.


I'm pushing 60 and I'm entering my 30th year of programming professionally. I started out writing assembly language drivers for devices and memory management. I moved into VB in the 90's, writing both corporate and vertical market applications. In the 00's I moved into doing full stack web development and I've been there, for the most part, ever since. However, there is the possibility that I will come back around to doing device programming, this time for IoT on Raspberry Pi.

There have been a lot of improvements and changes over the years to how programs are created but the fundamentals of writing good code and good UIs haven't changed all that much. Once you get that down, learning new stuff that comes along isn't that hard. In fact, it's easier than taking a step back to antiquated languages and systems.

If you want stability in a programming language, there's the option of mainframe languages like COBOL and RPG that haven't really changed that much over the decades. Also, embedded systems programming is still mostly done in C (although this is beginning to change as well).

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