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re: What do you do when StackOverflow and the internet fails you? VIEW POST


My first thought was roll for initiative.

My second thought was: take a break, get some sunshine if I can, get a new thing of coffee, work on an unrelated problem for a little if possible. Come back to the problem with a new eye, and read it out loud, line by line, literally--not what I want it to say, what it does say. If that doesn't help, and I don't have others I can ask help from, I refill my coffee, settle back in, put on some good music, and start writing out literal hypotheses and tests for each, running those, and recording my results.


Ouch. :( Is it the kind of thing a fresh set of eyes would help? Have to run an errand quick but after that I'll be sitting around for a good while and would be happy to be a rubber duck, if that's useful at all!

Not my code, thus I was the fresh eyeballs! :)

Thanks for the offer. It's entirely uncommon API fighting with iOS, so if you happen to know that well the question is open over at

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