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Discussion on: Secure JSON Web Token with Unique Browser IDs

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Alexander Schau Author

You're right, but the header information aren't clear enough. The package contains a one time id function (id which will only live for 30 seconds), which will reduce the moments, where hijackers can steal the id. Sure, it isn't a perfect solution, but it is a more secure one and helps against Local Storage copiers 😆

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Médéric Burlet

I would have added or used a user agent middleware on the server side. Compiling user agent information in the JWT and then checking through the middle ware. and if the user agent + headers arent the same then dont process the request.

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Kaique Garcia

The real problem here isn't about someone steal the id, but discover how to generate those ids based on how your client-side script's working. Then he/she could do everything generating someone else id's to each fake request.

That's why things should be generated on server-side: to keep the secret key... secret. Hehe.