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Discussion on: What if you could change one thing about your career

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Alexandru-Dan Pop Author

Nope, I don't really mean regrets, I mean one thing that could have been done better. Without retrospecting or feedback from others it's hard to evolve.

Nice to see that you are taking a look back at CS, but I have quite the opposite impression on this. I think it's more valuable to work in the field, see the pain points,then study the CS thing that can help you do that.

For ex: memory management - not a very hot topic as we have GC baked into the language runtimes we use (most of them). But if you found that it's a big pain point for mobile users, because they can't navigate memory intensive websites, would be worth checking out and see if you can inovate in this area.

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Annie Taylor Chen

yeah... but often I found that, due to the lack of those basic knowledge, sometimes I don't even know WHERE the problem is. While people with CS background, while not familiar with my field, have a better hunch of what's wrong.

Of course, to learn or not to learn this is totally due to personal choice. I have to admit that it is not as interesting as web development itself, which is understandable why not many choose to study CS at the first place. :P