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Alicia G.

Hi! I'm Alicia. A disabled computer engineer in a motorized wheelchair based in Spain. A former self-taught game developer who was mostly focused on programming indie games with C# & Unity (also made some gigs doing pixel art and some game designer documents).

This year I pivoted from gamedev to webdev, looking for remote-friendly opportunities and a stable income at the same time. In the beginning, I tried FreeCodeCamp and obtained the Responsive Web Design certificate, but around summer I obtained a scholarship for a full front end master learning InVision, Git, Flexbox, SASS, CSS Grid, Webpack, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular... and many more!

As for hobbies, I'm an indie gamer enthusiast, roleplayer (D&D!), reading manga and some other geek stuff 🤓

I've been registered in a while but until now I didn't feel confident enough to be part of the community. Maybe shortly, I'll even dare myself to write some small articles here!

TL;DR: Thanks for being an awesome community and having me!

Have a good day :D