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Discussion on: What Is Java?

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Alimam Miya Author

Witch is the best programming language?

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Java was the best programming language. I really appreciate its input in the software world so far. I've been so long its fan, but Oracle missed the time for improvements. Java lives cause it is still widely used in the enterprise which is like an artificial money drip.

I still believe the last Oracle awakening is going to change that. For now, I think Kotlin is a future. It compiles to JVM, Native & JS so far so it targets not only JVM enthusiasts but also a wide range of different users.

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You may want to check what GraalVM has to offer here:

  • modern optimizations hence better performance
  • stronger security
  • native compilation
  • polyglot: runs Java, Kotlin, Scala, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, R, Ruby, C, C++, Fortran... code all together in the very same memory space: no performance overhead, program in TypeScript, reuse a python library, call a Java function that uses C++ libraries...
  • embed the graalvm in other software (Oracle database...)
  • an open source and free community edition along an enterprise edition for even more optimizations... (this last one is free on Oracle Cloud btw)

check it: