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Discussion on: I Narrowly Avoided Burnout, What I've Changed and What You Can Learn From It

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Simon Barker Author

Notifications for management is a hard balance (I’ve made an assumption here that your team reports to you, still valid if wrong though). When I managed people I accepted my job was essentially to be interrupted and so didn’t mute anything that could hinder my reports ability to get work done. I think the concept of a manager who also need long blocks of time without interruptions (ie. they are still expected to code) is flawed. As a manager you are there to facilitate and so the trade off for being a available is that coding output will be zero to avoid the burnout scenario

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You've asumed correctly yes, I'm reported my our overall manager. I'm just in charged of managing the technical aspect of both web and mobile front-ends. And I agree and understand everything you said, even though I'm not a manager and don't want to be.

I'm usually not contacted on the daily, though I have ways of doing so for any important things. We usually have 1-2 meetings a week, where we discuss most stuff. Then we comunicate in a async way for the rest of the time (we're mostly all working remote, and with different schedules) either via github or some other channels.