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Discussion on: Writing DEV articles in VSCode

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  1. Pretty cool!
  2. If you have chrome you can also turn on enhanced spell check, or you can use grammarly.
  3. In windows you can use windows+period to activate the emoji keyboard, or Command+Control+Spacebar for mac, or control+dot for ubuntu 18+
  4. Seems like a bit of a heavyweight solution but I could definitely see that being useful
  5. Yep, useful feature for cutting down on extension bloat. 👍

Overall I think I'll stick with but I like the idea :)

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Paula Santamaría Author

Thank you!
I actually do use Grammarly once I copy everything to the browser. I tried an unofficial extension on VSCode but didn't work well for me.
And yes, at first I felt like using git would be too much, but since I'm using VSCode for everything else its just convenient.