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Discussion on: As a Senior, do you look forward to mentor Junior developers?

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Alvaro Cavalcanti

I totally agree with you! Junior people would require more face time, and they do get that there. But it's mostly as work-as-usual approach. Pairing (for starters and as a constant for all the team) and a close contact with the team leadership (PM and tech lead) which should both have frequent catchups to provide feedback and mentorship.

For instance, this experience I mentioned was when I was playing the tech lead role, so I would have a 1h catchup with everyone on the team once a month, and sometimes twice a month, where I would present my expectations for them and assist them on their journey. Also, they would have a more frequent meeting with their mentors (usually 1h per week).

My point is, which is what I've learned after 2 years of playing a leadership role, is that what really matters is the people. If I'm a senior/leader on a team I should pay attention to the people and do my best to support them 100% of my time. Be that through one-on-ones, pairing, code review, 30 min talks about interesting code, etc. And it's always for the benefit of the company, even if they don't think so (in which case I would still do it and then present the results later).

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Nick Cinger

Sounds like we're on the same page then! I agree about people mattering, and it's really the tougher part of the job, especially for someone coming from a purely technical background.