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Discussion on: New Idea Blocked

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Amilcar Calles

"What do you do when you have an idea in mind but no clue how to dev the front end?"

What I do is to draw on paper the "path of screens" of the experience that as a user I want to have (not as developer), that always help when the project is complex or very specific, it helps you to "feel" the product before writing a single line of code. Remember that almost every existing UI can be drawn, and is easier to adjust the UX on plain paper than after writing lots and lots of code. If you want after that draft you can use UX/UI software tools and finally code your app.

When I have decided how I want to show my product in the frontend, then I decide the framework and after that I decide the specific language or transpiler (css, scss, angular, react, plain js, etc).

As a hardcore user of C#, using angular w/ typescript has been the best choice for me so far (this choices are different for everyone) because of the semantics (similar) and the strictly typed, use of modules, reuse code, etc, etc.

Wish you the best in this project.

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fischgeek Author

Very good advice, sir. Thank you. I will deliberate!