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Discussion on: Special Announcement from DEV

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Aminu Bishir

That's really awesome!
What a great news!

Saron has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me and, perhaps, for others too.

Someone here on DEV recommended a podcast, The Command Line Heroes, back then in a particular post. I subscribed to the podcast and I must confess that it's the first podcast I found that 'speaks to me' directly. I became so emotionally attached to this podcast to the extent that it became a source of motivation for me, whenever I feel like giving up on coding.
Very recently, I also joined the Base.cs podcast and I must tell you that, as a CS graduate, I found this podcast to be a great refresher to me (I even learnt lots of things that either I didn't know or I understood not).
So I feel like I'm the most happiest person to have read this very impressive and historical announcement!