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Discussion on: Hacktoberfest 2020 — Who's looking for contributors?

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Amruta Ranade • Edited on

Code newbies and new open source contributors -- help us build our repository of CockroachDB To-Do apps:

Docs enthusiasts -- help us improve our docs:

Go developers -- help us improve our code:

Detailed contributing guide:

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Obioma Osuagwu

I am excited to participate in the Cockroachdb challenge.
I hope to turn it in on time.
Thanks for the encouragement

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Thanks for sharing the resources. I would like to participate in this challenge and will start my journey of open-source. I have some experience with flutter and I am studying core java now. I will do everything I am capable of doing.

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Thank you for posting this! I'm delighted to have contributed to open source for the first time this evening. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Amruta Ranade

Congratulations on your first contribution! Merged the PR!!

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Thanks for sharing your repo, Amruta! Just checking - is it okay for several folks to contribute to/open pull requests for each language-specific to-do issue, or are you accepting one PR per issue?

Thank you!