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I totally agree! There are some times overtime seems necessary, but then you can relax on other times.

Also I do the same, as you described. Putting in some extra time to complete a started task or at least put in a state, where I can easily take over tomorrow. Which helps my motivation a lot the next day.

But I also learned that I have to review everything I did after 6h of concentration and throw away almost everything of what I coded after 10h.
Exceptions are, when I spend almost half of my day on the phone/ in meetings with others doing conceptual work, which somehow seems not that taxing as coding itself.


Andreas you make some good points. That's another thing that can be annoying in companies that adopt Agile: the additional time wasting (i.e. meetings) that are not supposed to be happening but inevitably end up killing half of your day!


Okay, I was going into the direction, that I donβ€˜t have to throw away my code, even after 10h, when I was not coding the whole day.
But you are also right, a lot of meetings could have been an email.

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