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Discussion on: I Read 21 Articles About How to Become a Senior Developer So You Don't Have To

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Andreas Jakof

You don't need to be spending every waking moment of your life working on some kind of programming thing.

! Second that... since I made my hobby into a profession, I very seldom code in my free time.

This didn't come up nearly as often, but a lot of people tell you that you need to read Knuth, or Pragmatic Programming, or Clean Code, or some other popular book.

I did not read any of those and still I consider myself a senior dev, even though without the official title but by acknowledgement from my peers. And from time to time I think, I should at least once read the Clean Code. Not because I think it is „mandatory“, but because I think, that it gives you quite a lot of insight on how to write maintainable code.