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The easiest entry into the video game industry for the AAA companies is a Level Designer or Product Manager.

In terms of coding ecosystem its very different from web-development.
I hope you like Windows, IDEs and primitive testing suites.

There are web-dev game companies and easy entry is through DevOps or DataModeling.
Expect to be good at algorithms and math as you'll see those as common qualifiers if you want to be a Developer.

If you want to satisfy your game development itch but apply your web-dev knowledge you can always contribute to my open-source Tetris-attack like clone:

One thing I was meaning to do was to abstract and fully test the multiplayer engine.
My game has been a bit neglected since I've been busy working on my startups.

My buddy Alex is web-dev turned indie game-dev. He even made his own studio
Funny enough he builds his game using web-dev stack.

What I really like about his game is that is grand strategy using economics and politics.
I had introduced him to CK2 to which he became addicted to.

The kind of games I always wanted to make:

  • my own Zelda-like game similar to Oracle, Seasons, Link's Awakening
  • competitive tetris-attack clone and/or a new puzzle game with competitive play
  • a rhythm game
  • grand strategy
  • rts

Great post + subtle self promotion, I like it.


On your friends site, on mobile, there's no way to hide the hamburger menu once open without clicking on something inside of it. Tried to use the contact form to send a message about this - there's no place in the contact form for a message body.

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