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re: because you're not. Age has and will never be a deciding factor in someone's success. And like i said in my comment above, people at 30 come with s...

I believe we are on the same point and are talking about the same qualifiers which make 30+ developers valuable.

incredible in client meetings and product, handles stressful situations really well!

This is leadership skills

who're smashing it in their careers, you'll see a large % have had careers in other fields,

This is cross-domain skills

So when I'm talking about it being too late, I am saying the industry is going to change in the next 10 years and if you can't keep pace with it you may be unhappy 5-10 years from now or not have a salary which will allow you to pay for what you want in life.

Here in Toronto, you need a collective income of 160K in hopes to own a house.

If remote jobs became more acceptable a 60K job could be a dream true. I've helped a few friends and I would really hope we can foster more remote culture.

In Canada is much tougher than the US where high salaries, cheap houses and remote salaries are more plentiful.

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