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I guess the question is what is the gain? Convenience?

Doesn't a Selenium-based driver ensure you can test cross-browser and since this is an open-source platform where we need to be inclusive to browser and platform choice that we'd choose Selenium which is going to give us that coverage?

Is Capyabara + Cucumber really that bad? How slow would it really be? I have a project with 40 features and it takes 1-2mins to run.

I would say before introducing and E2E tool into the codebase we get specs moved to where Rails developers expect them to be. I have little problem working with the codebase quirks but let's ease it for juniors.


Capybara + cucumber. In a selenium grid docker setup.
Parallel_cucumber to parallelize the tests .
Thats 😍 for me.
I have run 420 tests accross 20 parallel threads , and complete tests under 30 minutes

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