Discussion on: What Are Your Career Goals?

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Andrew Tanner 🇪🇺

I really don't know. I love my job and I enjoy being challenged. One of the things that attracted me to development was the scope for increasing my breadth of knowledge and advancing my career but not having to become a manager in a traditional career advancement hierarchy. Growing horizontally rather than vertically, if that makes sense. I love learning above all else.

However, I love learning outside the scope of IT as well. My dad has had a couple of different careers, attending university in his 40s so he could get out from behind a desk and that really inspires me. I think eventually, in 20 years (when I'll be 50) I'll want to do something else entirely. Retrain, educate myself and move on. I was pretty late to the development game (late 20s) and while that does irk me slightly, it also proves that I can repurpose myself and that's really important to me.