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Discussion on: React vs Vue: Compare and Contrast

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Andrew W

I started with Angular 6-ish years ago, and was AMAZED when I found React: So much less boiler plate, flexibility in how the app is built, etc.

But my templates started to feel like PHP. A ton of code mixed with HTML. I also prefer to build apps incrementally, so not being able to drop in static HTML without customizing "class=" etc bothered me.

The first time I saw Vue, I fell in love immediately. I loved the Angular-like template syntax for looping, if statements, etc. The data binding was icing on the cake, not having to setState and just updating an object as I normally would.

I know Vue has its downsides. I have no idea how many times I've used $forceUpdate() or $set() as a hack because an object wasn't initialized with all of the data necessary. I also know React has changed a lot since I last used it.

I'm pretty sure the dev styles are just down to personal preferences, so I'm no React hater!

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Derek D • Edited

Curious why you're having to use Vue.set() so much? I constantly hear it as being a downside to Vue, but in the 50+ apps I've built currently running in production, I don't think I've ever had to use it (this won't be an issue in v3, though 👍). Every once and a while I'll need to use $forceUpdate() but usually it's because of something that was coded incorrectly after going back and looking at it later.