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10 The Most Popular Dissertation Mistakes

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Your dissertation is an important paper you should write on your own. Graduate students obtain a degree thanks to this scientific paper. Mistakes that may have a direct impact on your future. That is why dissertation proofreading on StudyDots and professional writing tips to follow are important.
The most common mistakes students make writing their dissertations.

dissertation writing

1. Title

The title of scientific work should be relevant, clear and capacious. It is important to create such a topic that completely reflects the research.
If the author cannot correctly formulate the title of the study, then it can be considered as an error. Don’t use complex highly specialized terms. The topic should not be extensive or ambiguous.

2. Definition of Goals, Objectives, Subject, and Object.

This was one of the gross violations demonstrating the low level of professionalism of the author. “What is your dissertation for?”
The main task is to get closer to your goal. Often, graduate students confuse the subject and the object. Objects that can be applied are used theoretically.

3. Structure

Your dissertation must have a specific structure. Key points (theory and practice) and conclusions.
The study is divided into chapters and subparagraphs. This approach will allow you to consider even the most complex topic with different points to present the theme. If the author doesn’t have a structure, he can miss important moments or make disorder.

4. The Way of Text Presenting

The dissertation is a scientific work. Each scientific work is written strictly in a scientific style using a scientific language. Despite this, all points should be presented not only for highly specialized experts, but also for ordinary readers.
Text logic should meet such requirements as logicality, consistency, sequence, capacity, brevity, understandability, comprehensibility.

5. References

One of the most common mistakes when writing a scientific paper is using unreliable and unreasonable resources. All hypotheses, proposals must be substantiated. The author needs to check all the information. For this, it is enough to compare data from several sources and make sure that there are no contradictions.
Using unverified information in research leads to serious mistakes in your conclusion. All used facts should be relevant and actual.

6. Practical Part

Often, experts note that the main defense material is devoted to a dissertation. This does not mean that the graduate student needs to minimize the theoretical aspects of the topic. In order to fully reveal the author’s idea, it is important to consider the main postulates, theses, techniques, and then apply them to write the practical part.
It is necessary to strike a balance between theory and practice. It would be wrong if a graduate student lowers a theory or considers it too concisely, devoting more time and space to analysis and recommendations. Theory is a kind of basis for the practical part that needs to be fully reflected.

7. Formatting

Each work should be formatted according to requirements. Do not neglect the guidelines that are developed by each particular educational institution. This file reflects the main points and design examples: a list of references, headings, font, font size, paragraph and indentation, tables and footnote diagrams, cover page, etc.
If a graduate student does not take into account the requirements for its design, then the work will not be allowed to be presented.

8. Deadlines

Graduate students try to combine study and work. This approach greatly complicates the process of writing a dissertation. Students have to redraw their daily routine to set aside time for study.
Often, because of the time factor, graduate students miss the deadline for submitting material. This approach may negatively affect their performance and studying in general. If the deadlines for the passing of materials are not respected it can be a great obstacle to get a high grade.

9. Professor’s Help

Students neglect their curators’ recommendations. The professor is assigned to a graduate student precisely to help, give instruction, make a direction on the true path. Refusing to help the supervisor can sometimes aggravate the situation, especially if the scientific work of such a serious plan is being written for the first time.

10. Exaggerate Opportunities and Abilities

It often happened that, the writing of a dissertation is postponed by graduate students at the last moment. Such an approach is fraught with the fact that the work may not be completed on time, there may be too little information sources, the practical part will take a lot of time for calculations and proof of its position.
Try to plan time and actions correctly, write down each idea, conclusion, though. This approach will allow you to concentrate on the work, make it better and minimize errors.


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