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Discussion on: Do you use any antivirus, anti-malware software?

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Actual there no need of antivirus nowadays I never use them they just consume a hell lot of ram and do nothing. The most important thing you should do is to make sure that you have good browsing habits there are lot of virus still out there which are not detected by antivirus software. If you really want to understand this you need a virus uploaded to virustotal websites which will clearly state which antivirus programs are capable of safeguarding your system. Proper browser configuration will block all sorts of malware and viruses additionally all I use is system tuner to make sure that there is smooth functioning of my operating system. Even if you want to download and try stuffs you must use sandboxie which would create an isolated environment for running applications. If you want my personal configuration I can set up things for you if you want it .
Browser -
Cleaner - CCleaner
There's one more thing I also debloated my windows to make low consumption of RAM by windows bloatware application which I will never use. Windows debloater

If you want me to tune your system for smoother experience .
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If you want to setup your own firewall I suggest you to use pfSense firewall.

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