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Discussion on: Using Dexie.js to write slick IndexedDB code

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Ewout Stortenbeker • Edited

Hi Andy, great tutorial! I did not know about Dexie, but it is interesting to see how it simplifies IndexedDB storage.

I took the liberty to try converting your Dexie's db.js to use AceBase, partly because I wanted to do some testing, and partly because I would love to let you and others know about its existence. I am the developer of the open source AceBase realtime database, which also has the option to store its data in the browser's IndexedDB. AceBase basically turns the browser's IndexedDB into a fullblown realtime NoSQL database with powerful querying options, with minimal coding. I created it over the past 3 years to replace my Firebase realtime databases with, because they were too limited for my requirements, and did not sufficiently support the browser/offline usage.

I created a gist as a drop-in replacement for the db.js of your Dexie tutorial here:

For more info about AceBase, see

Have a good weekend!