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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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Arber Braja

I have been in both positons during my work experience as an interviewer and as an applicant.

As an applicant always hated interviewers who did only questions about programming theory when i knewed that none of those things where applicable in the real life world applications being built at that company. The big problem i had with theory only questions was that they forced me as a developer learn stuff copy/paste. I had to answer them exactly like the answer they had on their sheets or it wouldnt work well for me.

This is wrong. This is transforming developers from problem solvers into monkeys.

Thats why when i was in the interviewers position i focused mostly on the real life experience they had on their previous jobs. Also i focused on real life problems we had at work so the applicant always worked on real life situations and we all felt better.

Its true, this way more people passed the interview but all those who passed deserved to pass, how many got hired was then a HR job.