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Thank you for the opportunity!

what do you think of augur?


Hey Areahints,

I looked at this project for a bit. It seems that the author of this project and myself have fundamentally different views on testing. I get the impression that he views it as an annoying chore that happens after the real work is over. However I view testing as part of the job.

When I write a test I am automating the work of testing the software by hand. Testing by hand is tedious work that is difficult for humans to do well—we are bad at doing repetitive tasks without variation. I would rather make the computer do the boring work of running the same checks over and over.

I believe tests are software. Since software spends most of its life being read, it needs to communicate intent. I personally would never recommend someone use a tool that automates the writing of tests, because I believe it is impossible to automate communicating the intent of the code.

Thanks for the question!

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