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Discussion on: Whats your take on Webhooks?

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Arturs Smirnovs

I personally don't trust web hook callbacks..
If they check that response was successful then sure..

But i have been always afraid that if webhook callback is sent and application triggers error and data is not synchronized.. what next?

I would better build it in on my application side to send request to third party application to get data.. not wait for callback from them..

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Volodymyr Dovbenko

I do not trust anything, even my own code. The point of webhooks is to allow immediate notifications between different parties. That's a requirement of nowadays where everything should happened very fast, almost instantly. Sending some regular request to the 3rd party from your application should be as a fallback solution, to make sure that the data is in sync in case something went wrong with the webhooks. Though, in 99.9% of cases it all we be fine with webhooks.

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Bad Practice

Stripe is the perfect example for making sure your webhooks are secure and filled with contingencies (helping you test error handling).

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Error handling depends very much on the implementation (on both sides). HTTP allows for very robust error-handling, and a web-hook can choose to try again or send a notification to an administrator when message delivery fails, and the callee can communicate what went wrong and whether the caller should try again.

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Nieuwe Pixels

Nice insight. I think both should be available. There is a case to be made for both depending on the data/task.