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Excellent tips here, Grant! I did try Alfred as well in the past, for Workflows, but I didn't stay. While it's really nice, I find Keyboard Maestro to be easier to use. I've been a Keyboard Maestro fan for a few years.

I will be trying out your tip on key binding though! ⚡


Awesome! I'll have to check Keyboard Maestro out - from their website, it looks pretty powerful!

Edit: Woah! Thank you SO much for introducing me to KM. I've had it open for 5 minutes, and can already replicate both the Spectacle and Alfred features I outlined in this post.


I just realised Spectacle is very helpful with one particular purpose in my case - when I connect my Mac to an external display, most app windows are seen to be overblown and are overflowing from the available screen space.

This app helps solve just that with the Fullscreen view shortcut!

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