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Discussion on: Announcing the New Relic Hack the Planet Contest!

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Ashu Sharma

Can someone please tell me what is new relic? Im curious to know about it and how to use it?

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+1. I am gonna have a look to the site later, but if some could give us a short intro, I would appreciate it

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I looked through their site, and it's still not clear. Also not sure what they have to do with climate change, if they have some data available, or if we are supposed to get climate data from somewhere else?

This sounds like it could be really interesting, but the vagueness here is really off putting for me. Good luck to everyone else!

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Sanjeev Sharma

Same thoughts: :/

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Jonan Scheffler

New Relic lets you see what's going on with your software, so you can see errors and logs and which parts are slow all in the same dashboard. It helps you find and fix errors and speed up the slow parts of your code.

You install a library in the app you want to start analyzing, so for Ruby you would do this:

bundle add newrelic_rpm
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There are lots of other things you can install to monitor different parts of your application, like the servers where it runs and the front-end javascript so you can see when people get errors in their browser.

Once you sign in they'll give you instructions on how to get started. It can be intimidating at first because it can do so much, but I recommend you start with Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and go from there.

New Relic University is a good place to learn:
The developer website is also really helpful:

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Jonan Scheffler

If you're looking for help getting New Relic to report data or something closer to support you'll probably find an answer on

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Brenda Michelle

Check out this video it might help and new relic has a very good youtube channel with explanations, tutorials and examples 100% recommend it 😊👍

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Trang Le

All I understand is it is a service that helps you monitor your app. Its demographic is enterprises and it is more primarily known amongst devops, so it's unsurprising if you haven't heard about it.

As for the climate thing, I believe you have to use API from a different service. New Relic has nothing to do with climate per se. Anyone else feels free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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