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Discussion on: 5 Free Tutorials You Should Complete to Master the Back-End

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Joe Hill • Edited

You never really master anything in the world of programming and to say you have mastered anything is arrogant. I think you've done well with the title of the post it's very click baity. I just hope new junior developers don't think they have to learn them all as you don't and knowing one well will serve you well throughout your whole career

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Saeed Ahmad Author • Edited

Mastery means one should be good on that language or framework. Everyone knows that you cannot master anything being a human being. I never advised new devs to learn all of them. I re-iterate that one language should be focused. I disagree that knowing one will suffice through whole career. If you work on some fast paced environment technologies also change rapidly and you accordingly as a dev have to evolve with that.

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z2lai • Edited

While I do appreciate the benevolent intention of introducing new devs to these frameworks, the title definitely sounds like you're suggesting one to complete all five tutorials. To add value to this article, I would suggest leaving out the descriptions of all the frameworks since they all sound the same, and talk about why you're recommending these tutorials - which should be the focus of this article.

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Yup I agree to that. As a developer you are correct, but if you think as a writer, titles have to be a bit of attractive. So, that's why I have made the title like that. Yup. Soon, I would be listing all frameworks, listing their advantages and disadvantages so that the decision is more easier for juniors to pick up the framework of their choice. Thanks for you input BTW.