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My standup is at 8:15 AM. I commute to Chicago everyday from Wisconsin. I wake up at 5:10 AM and make the 6:08 train to Chicago running the whole length of the line. I get to the office around 7:45. In all it's about 2 hours one way, or 4 hours a day.

However I love my job and my coworkers so I don't mind the commute. I usually listen to podcasts, code, browse Twitter of Dev to pass the time.


My standup is at 8:15 AM

In Hacker Standard Time (HST) that's the middle of the night 😉 I tend to have my alarm at 8:30ish, but I also go to bed between 1-2am. (definition 3):

Hacker standard time (HST) is a relative time zone occurring no less than three hours behind where the hacker actually lives. This means, should a hacker be awake at 3am according to local time, it is only midnight in his time zone. It is important to note that hacker standard time is adjustable according to occupation and time of year.


Wow. that's a long commute.

What would be the part of the job that drives you to handle such a long commute?
(_because I'd love to factor that in, when looking for a job 😀)


I get to work with some cool stuff and do full stack development. The more important part, which is a lot harder to factor in when doing a job search, is the people. The culture at my company is really great and I like everyone I work with. I only knew the commute would be worth it since I had a friend working there before I joined, and from what he told me it was a great place.

Thank you, Vincent.😀
Much appreciated the reply 🤜

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