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re: As you said Quick and easy, I like it, I mostly like this feature of creating a branch, I've seen the idea three times in this thread. Anyway, did...

I create branches because I feel it is a clearer pinpoint to states I might want to visit later on.

No, I started using gitlab because of the unlimited private repos. So every time I'm creating a new project I "throw" it in gitlab worry free whether or not it's worth of public use. I used to use bitbucket but gitlab's interface is nicer

And since starting dabbling in web dev I had to change computers two times. The first was a horrible experience, me thinking I backed up everything when I didn't. The second time, having had everything (dev related) in GitLab, the transition was so smooth.

Now I have started using GitHub as a public portfolio (though it's still empty apart from code I've created for tutorials I wrote)

I had this logic in the beggining to use other sites then GitHub for private repos then I decided to just use GitHub and when I have to treat a spciale topic or a specifical technology I just create another account (not in the sens of fake) and work on it to let people have a complete idea of what am doing, for instance I'll be creating a repo just for react in the furure

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