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Discussion on: Ethical Editor / IDE ?

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What makes you think the communities around Emacs don't want to be white and male?

I mean... you made a claim and someone asked for proof. There's no proof of the contrary is not really a solid argument.

Getting back on topic. Is the fact that most visible people around the community are men the only thing that brought you to the conclusion that the community is actively trying to be mostly men? Can you point to any sources (tweets, youtube videos, blog posts and whatnot) where people are explicitly doing gender gate-keeping?

Don't get me wrong, I fully sympathise with your concerns and I'd like to avoid supporting or being part of communities that do any kind of discrimination as much as possible.

But seeing that most of the community are men in any software-related field is, in my view, not enough to conclude and active attempt to drive women away. It can be as simple as the female user base of emacs is simply that small.