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Discussion on: 10 Tips to Write Clean Code

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awedis Author

Comments can be used true, but what you mean by "something that is not obvious from the code" (if it's doing something extra not related)? what I meant here is that a code shouldn't need comments from the start if it's written in a good way

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Giancarlo Corzo

For example, some time ago I was working on a legacy code that get information for a list of credit cards and for some reason in this code was removing a especific information for some type of cards. It was obvious from the code that he was removing this information, but it wasn't obvious why he did this. The coder was long gone and I had to spend ours trying to figure it out why he remove this type of cards.

Finally I much testing I understood that was becuase the info providers was sending the wrong information for this cards and the coder had to improvise (hack it). A comment would've save me time because you are documenting a decision that is not obvious from the code.

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