re: It is undeniable that programming has taken a lot from the two oldest activities: cooking and construction. I think that you bring this topic for ...

Python compiles in the moment of execution. That would be like this:

"When the dough is ready, you can start to eat. Once the knife touch the dough your piece, it will bake himself during the trajectory to your mouth.

In order to prevent your guests to eat bad pieces, the advice is that you put your friend called Jenkins to automatically cut the all the dough so you can see if the whole pizza is good before serving to the guests."


Javascript Pizza would be:

"When the dough is ready try to eat it. It is raw dough, but you'll use so much condiments that your guests would tell you: It tastes better than baked ones.

Every day there is a new condiments in the market, many of them taste the same. And you'll need a lot of time to master the art to combine them."




And what about scripting languages ? Running the all tests ?

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