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Discussion on: How to convince my colleagues about the importance of automated testing

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Viach Kakovskyi

If you do not have time to write tests today - you will find the time for fixing bugs Fridayโ€™s night

In other words, to establish solid reliability in production tomorrow we need to invest our time today. Your need for tests for your current project depends on:

  • Size of the team that maintains to the codebase: return True if team.size > 1 else False. Having more engineers means more views on the same items. Tests help to document the opinions how a class or function can be used.
  • Size of the codebase: return True if project.modules > 1 else False. You can't remember the color of socks that you wore two days ago. Can you remember everything in the project?
  • Duration of development and maintenance phases of the project. The script that you run only once can perfectly live without a solid test coverage. If you're building a system for decades - please, prepare a good legacy for the next generations of developers.

I published a blog post on on the topic recently:
No Tests - No Pull Request, Right? Types of Tests that Should Be in Your Codebase.

It might help you yo convince your teammate.