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re: Would you say your courses gave you insights into concepts independent of specific technologies, but applicable to many of them? What were the most...

I'd say so, yeah.
For a start my programming module taught fundamental concepts which apply to pretty much all modern high-level languages (OOP, abstraction, etc).

Another module where this applies is Computer Architecture, it covered topics such as boolean algebra, logic gates and binary, which apply to almost all computer systems that exist in the world today!

Our database module covered database theory which applies to the vast majority of relational databases no matter the DBMS.

The web dev module was quite technology specific as it was mainly focused on HTML and CSS, but general concepts such as accessibility and good design were covered.

I'd say the most tech specific was the networking module, relying on specific standards and components, however topologies aren't tech specific and were a significant part.

Great question, thanks 😁.

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