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Thank you writing this article. However, I think I’d like to add something. While Serverless is a more cost effective way to execute code on demand, it in itself introduces a new of challenges, especially when connecting to traditional database systems. Quite a few companies have adopted the Serverless approach and are very successful at things, however, the traditional backend approach to building systems will remain for a long time.

Another point I want to make is that we will see many companies adopt the Serverless approach when they want to introduce an event driven approach somewhere in their already built tech stack. For example, a traditional monolithic Django app that submits data to an Azure Queue that triggers an Azure function or an Azure logic app to process that queue message and perform some action.

Overall, nice article and as I said it can start some very interesting discussions.



I'm more of a serviceful serverless proponent and not a big fan of FaaS for APIs either.

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