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Twiliohackathon - StoryTeller

We are two neighboring fathers (to young kids) who live pretty far from our own parents. video chating between grandparents and each of our kids is a "drag" - a static conversation just doesn’t do it for our kids and when they try to show off with somersaults or something they made, they fall out of frame. So why not try reading a story together? Because it's a hassle! You need two copies of the same book; you need to be in sync (“grandma, I’m on page 13!”) and there is the distraction that comes from looking at the book and gazing at the screen.

And so, were creating a video chat app that screens an actual book while one side reads to a listener who can also respond. Of course, there are vast possibilities to grow, develop and expand the app, but at this point, we want to focus on the basic image of a grandparent reading a story to a grandchild without it becoming frustrating for both sides. We consider this a contribution to the real emotional need of staying connected in a meaningful way. This tool will not only let grandparents stay in touch, it will keep them relevant as well - It turns what some kids consider a chore - “come talk to your grandparents!” to meaningful and gratifying quality time.

We have been thinking about how to improve the video chat experience between our kids and their grandparents for a long time, but the coronavirus made this a pressing issue and urged us to think harder. While the solution we are offering is especially important during a time when families can't come together in person, it will always be relevant for families who don’t live near each other.

tech updates later (code to come ;)

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