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Discussion on: 4 Reasons to Use React JS for Web Development

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Sebastijan Grabar

It really depends on what kind of project you are writing. If you are working on a project that has tons of logic, you would crave for the organization that Angular provides you. With React, people will often write code that doesn't follow some convention just because they can and nothing is stopping them. But you could also argue that they really aren't that different. Let's say you have a React project with only functional components. You end up with almost the same structure as Angular, you have these files - JSX file, file that handles the component logic (let's call it a service file), a .css file, and a resource file that handles requests. And I do believe that for really big projects, this is a very compelling solution. But the thing is, React doesn't force to do it this way, it's your job to do it. On the other hand, Angular provides you the frame for doing it this way, hence the name, framework.

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Periklis Gkolias

Indeed, though I believe it is a matter of personal character too. Though the Angular way, is not the only way.

With a non-opionionated framework, you can do it whatever way you like. No framework can protect you from stupid and incompetent engineers :)