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Switched from Windows to Ubuntu 1.5 years ago. Main reason were the lack of a decent build-in terminal and the horrible file system of Windows. Although some of my troubles should be fixed by now, I'm still a very happy Linux user not considering to ever go back. Feels good to be independent of Apple and MS.

I have a text file containing all terminal commands to configure my laptop and install all software necessary, so with a fresh laptop/system I can be up and running in like 15 minutes and be productive again.

The only thing missing for me is a good Photoshop alternative. I Tried GIMP and I use Pinta at the moment, but both can't match PS. Also still no Unity3D support for Linux.


Inhale the same approach to have a git repository with all my config files


I also recently started working on this for my various cross platform needs :) Next step is a big install script for mac/ubuntu and store all my VSCode extensions...

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