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Discussion on: Resume Skills for the Developer with Upward Ambition

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Bernardo Bessa

I totally agree on that mindset when you are promoting yourself to the market.

(Un)Fortunately, software industry is suffering from a lack of "hands" as we've never experienced before, so it is quite easy to get a chance to start. However, it starts to become hard to understand which are the valuable opportunities we have to grow, regarding the companies that are just looking for a "every kind of task guy".

Even more than adapting your resume to the roles that you are really interested in, I'd suggest to be the one to try to lead the interview - they are trying to figure it out if you are on of the best options to the role you applied, but you should make them understand your real value and your ambitions.

Anyway, great perspective.

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Erik Dietrich Author

Thanks for the kind words! And, definitely agreed that you shouldn't just passively aim to please during interviews. There's wisdom to the old saw "the interview is also your chance to interview the company," and I think far too few people take that advice to heart.