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Discussion on: My learning styles as a software developer with ADHD

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Brad Dunn

I appreciated hearing about your strategies and seeing how they overlapped with mine. I too have ADHD and sometimes I feel like a superhero, and other times I feel like a passive observer as I watch an entire week go by without any meaningful progress, despite my best efforts.

I too have to take notes to retain things, whether they be meetings etc. I find a good backlinking, second-brain setup to be awesome. Currently I use Roam, although I'm actively looking for an alternative. It can't require too much customization otherwise... I'll spend all day customizing it instead of using it as my stream-of-conscious anchor for discussions, meetings and tasks.

Again, thank you for being vulnerable and able to talk about this. I appreciate it, and I hope your developer journey continues to be fruitful!

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Dorcas Adjeley Laryea Author

Thank you so much. Deeply appreciate. Glad to know we share similar strategies as we manoeuvre ADHD in our everyday lives. I appreciate your comment and I also wish you the very best <3