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Really nice article Ananya!
I'm glad you enjoyed playing with the Picture-in-Picture Web API ;)

For info, we're currently working on awesome features for the next iteration of this API:

  1. Media Session integration: playback controls in the Picture-in-Picture window such as next track, previous track, etc.)
  2. Auto Picture-in-Picture: gives the browser to ability to automatically enter and exit Picture-in-Picture for a video when it makes sense.

Have a look and let us know what you think!


Thanks! 🙂
The Media Session integration definitely seems like a good idea!
For the auto Picture-in-Picture, the use case you provided for video meetings does seem like a good fit for it however I would think that giving the user an option to enable/disable the auto Picture-in-Picture mode would be nice.


Rest assured that the Auto Picture-in-Picture mode will be available only to web apps user trust enough. See

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