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Discussion on: What is Agile software development? Explain to me like I’m five

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Benjamin James

Some great points in this article, thanks. I took a lot out of the Manifesto in particular (which I hadn't come across before).

Though I don't think the apple is a good analogy at all... The agile method described is wildly inefficient, even in comparison to the waterfall method. I would imagine if you gave 4 hungry kids 1/8th of an apple before you cut the rest up, they wouldn't be quite so happy about it, either.

Agile strives for speed, efficiency, and satisfaction - the agile apple approach here is slow, inefficient, and likely to leave you with unhappy children.

I also don't think that a five year old would understand that this method would satisfy their hunger faster 😉

But, as you mentioned earlier in the article..

It depends on how you understand it.

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Geshan Manandhar Author

thanks for your comment!