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Discussion on: What do you need for a PHP local development environment?

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Franco Traversaro

I usually don't use a local web server: php -S localhost:8000 is usually enough, because normally you don't have to check for SSL in PHP. I don't use virtual hosts since forever, I just run php -S on different ports. For email catch-all I usually use Gmail pseudo aliases:

For database management PHPMyAdmin is quite terrible: I use SQLyog, is for windows but run perfectly on linux with wine; the community version is fine, the commercial one has some tools very useful (code autocompletion with database references, synchronization tools of database data and/or structure).

Add just and IDE, whatever you want. With this environment I can do the 99% of my work. Every time I tried docker I got stuck, wondering "why I'm doing this?"

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Quentin Caillaud • Edited

I agree, most of the time php -S is good enough and simpler than a web server.

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