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Discussion on: Why I still love Ruby

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Benjamin Botwin

I think the approach that ruby took is one of individuality. Imaging that the "one preferred way" of adding elements to arrays was array << element.

You'd be surprised that something like array.push wasn't working, and even more surprised that array << element even existed.

Even though, in our hypothetical language, that's the only preferred way to push to arrays, it's still surprising.

If any of that made sense

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Hopsoft Author

It's fascinating to see how something like "principle of least surprise" can be interpreted and addressed so differently. The Ruby and Python solutions for this could not be more different.

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Benjamin Botwin

It’s especially interesting because both languages (python 2.7 at least) are pretty similar from a high level technical point of view.

Both OOP style languages
Both interpreted (usually)
Both very high level
Both dynamic
Both are even heavily used in web development