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re: Hey ben, Its nice to see someone refactored my code, especially with the newish layer system, but theres a couple of things you can do that will f...

Thanks for your article, it was helpful and the best out there on this topic. I added a Resources section to give credit where credit's due.

I did some testing with PNG and I was surprised the PNGs were larger. I've been under the general impression that PNG for graphics, JPG for photos.

JPG ~ 12KB

PNG ~ 61KB

Thanks for the tip on SNS, it looks very useful. I would have to do more testing and use some larger files, I think I largest video I tested with so far was only 15MB.

I figured trying to recreate what I could of YouTube would be a good way to learn stuff. So far it has. Obviously, their code is complex, but its fun to come with a function to determine what video to play next for example.

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