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Discussion on: Pay cut to work remotely - Fair deal?‍

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"Some people don't have a proper chair to work on"

100% right, Gary!

When we went more work-from-home, I bought a $1300+ Steelcase office chair. I'm a big guy, so I needed a specialty chair, but proper ergonomic chairs that won't fall apart in a year cost hundreds of dollars. The Haworth chair they gave me at work isn't much cheaper than mine. And even with that, some people might need sit/stand desks to avoid staying in the same position all day. It's an expensive thing to set up the first time.

You can get in cheaper if you have a local used office furniture place. I got a nice, sturdy adjustable task chair there for $150, but that was just a good deal on a lesser-known brand that they had gotten a whole lot of at once and needed to clear out. But the availability in those places could go down sharply after the first round of companies dumping furniture they don't need for offices they don't have any more.